{ because some days simply require some Edith Piaf... }

I notice that now 
that I don't belong 
to a work community anymore,
everyday encounters
take on a whole new meaning. 
Like this week,
meeting with a friend
for coffee in the middle of the day,
striking a conversation
with a friendly shopkeeper,
stopping to help an old lady
from the lift and out of the building.
Whether deep and meaningful
or an accidental exchange of words,
those moments mean something,
sometimes more than the other person
might even guess. 
Especially those little old ladies
with their twinkling eyes
turn my heart into goo... :) 

I'm still in that honeymoon period
of having more time,
not just freed up 
by ditching my morning job
in the spring,
but having bigger children,
who have longer days at school
and require less escorting to hobbies
now that they are so able & willing
to do much more themselves.
I keep stopping & wondering,
almost as if on the brink of something new. 
Time to see & feel
in a whole new way. 
Seasons change
in more ways than one. 

Roses brought by my mother last week
are spilling all over the table now. 
Darkness descends earlier by the day.
Evenings take on comforting rituals of their own -
 books, cups of herbal tea
or a drop of red wine now and then,
& curling up with dear husband
to watch films & English series
in a quiet house.
The week will end
with the silver lining 
of a nice little photography gig
before taking time 
to spend with the kids
during their autumn break next week. 

Some autumnal inspiration
I've gathered over time right here. 

Wishing you as well as can be! 


Unknown said...

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Liivia said...

Ollapa onni tehdä koti tuohon toiseksi alimmaisen kuvan huoneeseen.

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Thank you so much :)

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Olisi tosiaan, liittyisin oitis seuraan :)
Kuva napattu Grassesta,
josta pitääkin raapustaa
erillinen postaus vielä.