My hardrive is bursting with pics from France
from the summer,
and I figured now would be the time
to start pouring some more of them
over here. 
Well into October now,
it's strange how quickly you forget
the sun on the skin,
melting that lavender ice cream you just bought
over your fingers... 

We visited Avignon quite a few times,
welcomed by the sight of 
that famous Pont Saint-Bénézet bridge
that abruptly comes to a halt in the middle of the Rhône
with only four of its arches remaining today. 

is a sight in itself...
It has grand proportions
but is simple & pared-down at the same time. 

After a day out,
it was always a treat
to return to our hideaway,
as the crickets were in the middle 
of their evening concert,
and the three dogs
ran up to eagerly meet us. 


Irene said...

What a beautiful tribute to that amazing city! Your photography style is soulful and personal. I like it a lot. I visited Avignon in the winter and summer of 2015. There was traditional European dancing in the square under the Palais in the summer, and in the winter the air was so crsip! Lovely atmosphere that yu have captured in your post.

lille weiß said...

So Beautiful Pictures and a beautiful Post.

Have a nice Weekend Rebecca

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Thank you dear Irene for touching me with your kind words!
Lovely that you've visited, too,
and seen it in two distinct seasons.
I'd love to return "off-season" one day, too,
and see another kind of beauty...
Wishing you a restful Sunday,
with lots of love, x

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Thank you dearest lille weiss
ever so much.
Always makes me happy
to "see" you here & over on instagram.
Have a lovely Sunday! x