Saturday 13 April 2024


All images via Sézane

Sunday 17 March 2024

This Sunday, I found myself dipping into some photos I took at the Carl Eldh atelier museum in Stockholm a couple of summers ago, and I thought I'd store these memories here, breaking the silence at the same time. 
It's one of the most beautiful places I've ever visited in its simple, poetic charm. And despite the relatively small size, there's just so much for the eye to fixate upon – so much so that I feel a second post coming up. 

You'll find more details about the museum here.


Thursday 7 December 2023


It's been a while my dear readers. 
By now, we are well into December – a season of flowers, touches of gold and dusk. 
After an autumn of travels and keeping up the pace, a pull into a gentler rhythm that sometimes demands a little extra kindness towards ourselves.

Amaryllis is a forever favourite for the season. I took this photo at a stall in Copenhagen, and it was too bad I couldn't just stash them all in my suitcase. But otherwise, the not so stereotypically Christmassy blooms seem to appeal this year – anything muted and dusky. 

Otherwise it's those little wintry details like velvet ribbons, wreaths of evergreens and candlelight. Add a cheeseboard, some good wine and music and the mood is pretty much set. 

Talking about music, I created a seasonal playlist on Spotify – you can have a listen here:


Wednesday 4 October 2023


I wanted to share some quiet morning moods from Musée Zadkine – a true hidden gem nestled at the back of a fairly nondescript yard close to Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris. The museum is dedicated to the artworks of Russian Empire-born artist Ossip Zadkine.

Entrance to the small museum is free of charge:

Musée Zadkine

100 bis rue d'Assas - 75006 Paris

P.S. I've recently been asked whether I've collected Paris tips somewhere, and realised I haven't exactly, but it's something I'd love to do! So, I intend to gradually compile a list of places that I love in Paris, perhaps categorised by arrondissement. This one would definitely be included, and filed under Montparnasse – an area that is still fairly non-touristy while offering plenty of intriguing nooks.

Friday 8 September 2023


What inspires you this early autumn?


Friday 18 August 2023


"Art is how we decorate space, 
music is how we decorate time.

– Jean-Michel Basquiat

Welcome to listen to the Poésie Privée playlist,
the melodies that decorated my time and filled my rooms 
while working on the shop and website.
It's time to share it on.

Bienvenue à écouter ici: