10 Random Facts

I shared these ten random facts about myself over on Instagram, and thought it might be a good idea to add them here, too, as a brief introduction to any new readers and as an update to familiar faces :)

1. I’m half-Finnish and half-English, with a major crush on Paris and France on the whole. Living between two cultures, my eyes and heart have somehow landed in that soulscape.

2. I photograph and write for a living, currently working on my first Paris-inspired lifestyle book, which will hopefully see the light of day this autumn. It’s been a huge dream of mine, so I’m very excited! 

3. I run an online shop called Poésie Privée, where you will find a selection of my museum-quality fine art prints, with a Parisian vibe of course. I’m planning to include a wider variety of products and also bring them into physical spaces in the near future.

4. There’s nothing as grounding as staring at the crashing waves on a long, quiet beach.

5. Along with Paris, I really love Provence. I dream of spending longer stretches of time there one day. Oh, and Venice! 

6. I feel quite self-conscious showing my face here and talking about myself like this :) I guess I’m more of an observer and like to hide behind the lens. 

7. I have a thing for old buildings with plenty of patina and antique and vintage pieces filled with stories and soul. Layers of time.

8. It’s coffee all the way, folks. 

9. The last film I watched at the cinema was The Taste of Things featuring Juliette Binoche. It was incredibly beautiful and so calming that I nodded off three times, luckily only for a moment though to enjoy the visual poetry :)

10. Some of my favourite photographers include:

I guess their work has what you could describe as soul that speaks to me. And I recently realised that all my favourites are on the older side (some of them passed away by now) ~ their imagery is so timeless, it seems to strip away the notion of age. I find it incredibly reassuring somehow. 

There we go ~ feel free to share a random fact about yourself in the comments, too 💋