Rose & Gold


It's been a while my dear readers. 
By now, we are well into December – a season of flowers, touches of gold and dusk. 
After an autumn of travels and keeping up the pace, a pull into a gentler rhythm that sometimes demands a little extra kindness towards ourselves.

Amaryllis is a forever favourite for the season. I took this photo at a stall in Copenhagen, and it was too bad I couldn't just stash them all in my suitcase. But otherwise, the not so stereotypically Christmassy blooms seem to appeal this year – anything muted and dusky. 

Otherwise it's those little wintry details like velvet ribbons, wreaths of evergreens and candlelight. Add a cheeseboard, some good wine and music and the mood is pretty much set. 

Talking about music, I created a seasonal playlist on Spotify – you can have a listen here: