There's now a chill in the air
that gets to the bones,
but it still feels like
autumn has one wrapped up
in its tender arms. 
When silence lands,
it's all the easier
to get lost inside one's
head full of dreams.
Even coffee seems to
have gained 
an extra layer of smoothness... 
Enjoying the technicolor spectacle
out there,
in quiet expectation 
of the monochrome magic
that is just a few pages away 
- my mental landscape. 
Wishing you a beautiful week,
thanking you 
for these moments with me.


michele said...

gorgeous. meditative. transportive. thank you, rebecca. for paying gratitude forward always in such a lovely fashion. xox

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

so lovely to have a trace of you here,
your words, always sinking deep into a good place in the heart...
sending you oodles of love this morning. x