It's Friday,
and I'm indulging in
a spot of uninterrupted time
& this tender August light.

By now, the late summer light has come to its senses
even in the land of the midnight sun -
it knows how to dim down for the evening
for curling up with a book.

Perjantaina herkuttelen 
omalla ajalla
elokuun hellivällä valolla,
joka ymmärtää kuitenkin 
illalla hämärtyä
kirjan kanssa käpertymistä varten. 

sweetsafarienne said...

i love this so much..!
beautiful light :)

Bien chiné said...

beautiful late august atmosphere at home, Rebecca. I love that song. I like so much french music.
Have a lovely and tender weekend

Villa Zeezicht said...

Really beautifull pictures, I enjoy them very much!!

michele said...

gorgeous light and quiet restful vignettes. keep the lovely coming. it's healing. peace to you right where you are.

honeypieLivingetc said...

beautiful .. and just that .. tender.
it just looks stunning in here.

.. and that tote in the 1st photo..?
wowza, in love, - may i ask from where ?

wishing you a lovely, tender end to the week,
sweet rebecca, - & thank you for the beauty
you share,



Rebecca Skye Watson said...

thank you darling!
this August we've been spoilt
with the most beautiful, soft August light
& the heat of the sun.
today it's grey,
and I hope, hope, hope
the light hasn't gone away just yet, x

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

thank you dear Nines sweetie!
i love listening to French music, too,
especially when i'm at home by myself
& it carries from one end of the apartment,
as i'm busy pottering around
doing nothing much :)

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

thank you Villa Zeezicht
your words,
for making me happy, x

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

thank you lovely for always, always
filling me with a warmth through your words...
wishing you every goodness over there, xx

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

thanks sooo much,
lovely hannah...
it means a lot, xxx

the tote is from a gorgeous, gorgeous shop in Hastings
called Butler's Emporium
- if you ever happen to venture down along the coast a bit,
you must, must go there,
I promise you will love it...
the space it self,
with it's towering ceilings
& time-honed details
& their selection,
obviously someone buying in with great taste -

the bag itself is by a brand called Temerity Jones London,
which you may find somewhere near you, too.

a sweet week to you, too, dear hannah <3