... for Friday & flowers,

 chat with grandma over the phone
- she's 99 today
and as well as ever
in mind, body and spirit,

a quiet day of working from home,

lunch with dear friend,

walk back from the other side of town
along streets kissed by the February sun
that whispers spring.

Happy weekend! 


Doina Manea said...

Happy weekend to you too!
What a bunch of "thankful", so charming!
With love from NY,

barefeet and bluejeans said...

you are so adorable!!! your blog is such a treat!!

Bien chiné said...

Enjoy the little moments. Beautiful photo.
Nice weekend, Rebecca

Veronica Roth said...

Goodness Rebecca, happy birthday to your grandmother. How lovely to be that wonderful age and feel so well. I'm glad that spring is on its way. Usually at this time of year I'm so sick to death of winter! Happy weekend to you. :D

Anci said...

I think that you are a poet (and also a very good photographer) !


Anonymous said...

So thankful for finding people like you!
And so thankful for finding your beautiful world!
Please keep posting!

IlCalesse said...

Foto meravigliose!
Un saluto da Luci@

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Thank you sweet Doina ♥
Wishing you a sweet NY Valentine's!

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Your words were *such* a treat,
got me bubbling inside :)

Happy Valentine's ♥

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Thanks darling Nines!
A gorgeous Saturday night to you, xxx

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Thanks so much on behalf of my beautiful granny,
she's my heroine :)
Spring is coming, I'm sure of it,
even if right now it's only felt in those fleeting moments...
A lovely Valentine's night to you dear Veronica! xo

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Your kind heart never fails to touch me
right deep...
Sending you lots of love!
. ♥

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

I'm ever so moved and thankful in return for your words
lovely Maria...
It makes me so happy if you find this a good place to come to.
I'll definitely keep 'em coming ♥

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Grazie IlCalesse!!
(How I wish I'd speak Italian,
as I love the language and the country so so much!)