these would have a thousand stories to tell.

All photography with kind permission 

by Italian lifestyle photographer

lille weiß said...

Sooooooo nice.......... I love it.

Thanks Monika

michele said...

these are such shining examples of what only time and use can create. dreamy is a tired, overused term in blogland but i use it here again today because the image with the conch shell made me remember my dream last night. i gave one away and afterward i was full of regret. why would i part with that beautiful shell...i was beside myself. who knows what that's about. mystery is quite okay with me. peace to you.

Anci said...

And if pictures can start dreams these would be the ones. I like the feeling in them, the hope they give (don't ask me why :) ) and the beauty.
You made me start the day with a smile !!


Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Aren't they just...

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

What an enticing dream michele,
it must mean something...
Mystery is okay with me, too,
or more than okay in fact.
I'm always drawn to writing and photography and what may it be
that leaves room to think and breathe and imagine...
The kind that doesn't over-analyse or explain.
Lots of love to you, x

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

So happy to hear these brought you a smile this morning.
I love the mood in these, too,
the feeling of people and stories from the past
all intermingled with the now.
Take care sweetie, x