The waft of mint takes me back to summer mornings

in grandma's garden.

She would tell me to rub the coarse leaves

between my fingertips

to release the fragrance 

that she loved so much

(lavender being her other favourite).

And then, years later,

to velvety nights in the  house in the hills we rented in Italy 

the summer before last,

- we'd open wide the double doors leading to the balcony

after our escapades for the day,

and the marriage of sage, rosemary and mint

would hit you

like a fragrant herbal bomb. 

Despite permanently loving a  'bland' palette

of muted whites, greys and beiges,

I seem to be regularly drawn to certain colours

that beckon for a miniature exploration.

Minty greens are on the tip of my tongue right now. 



P.S. That minty pesto turned out delicious

- recommend it! 

(I think I ended up using about half and half of basil & mint.)

Audrey said...

Ah yes! love a touch of soft green too!

Seawashed said...

It's a lovely fade of green to enhance the white neutral palette.

I used to have Keren Ann's music on my blog. I own three of her CD's and love this song.

Bien chiné said...

How nice is to start the day with the freshness of mint. I also love your pictures when you think in a particular color.
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful...
Nice week, Rebecca!!

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

I don't have much of it at home,
but mint is a shade and fragrance and flavour I love :)
Thanks dear Audrey for popping by,

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Yep, too much would be an overkill for me,
but perfect in doses.
Keren Ann is just lovely!
A more recent discovery for me,
but her music's been playing pretty non-stop
in the background over the last week or so.

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Thank you, thank you Nines!
Hope you're having a lovely autumn week lovely, x

D. said...

Psssst... It's "L'air de la menthe" not "du menthe" but I can smell it just as well! :-)

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Hee, I was wondering if I'd got it right
(because everything just sounds better in French, even if it's wrong :))
Thank you D., xx