These autumn days that still remain

warm, bright and green,

locally harvested apples from the market,

a sudden urge to bake, 

richer colours and textures,

Faye Toogood's home elegance (hit the video play button!),

these portraits,

this home, which was also featured 

in the latest issue of Lantliv.


(P.S. I noticed the wrong link opened up 

when using my mobile phone,

click "Elle Deco UK III", if checking the home link that way.)

Bien chiné said...

Thanks to share beautiful things with us. Wooow, what a relaxing house (and woman) in London. So so beautiful

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Thank you always lovely Nines!
That London home showed incredible mastery of tones I thought,
what a harmonious, soft feel.
Hugs&kisses back, x