Last week I found myself

in an old, dilapidated paper mill,

with dark, secret passages

and colossal halls,

where dust-covered windows

sifted the rays of the sun outside 

into softest, milkiest light.

We delved into the world of architecture photography

using a wide-angle, tilt-shift lens,

(or fish and chips lens as we'd call it :)),

checking that every beam and cable

was perfectly aligned right down to millimetre exactness.

Fortunately there was also plenty of time

to get lost in the space

and fill one's own memory card with souvenirs. 

Viime viikolla löysin itseni

vanhasta, tyhjillään seisovasta tehdasrakennuksesta,

jossa oli mitä ihmeellisimpiä tummia käytäviä

ja suuria saleja,

joiden pölyttyneistä ikkunoista

valo taittuu läpi maitomaisen pehmeästi. 

Luvassa oli millintarkkaa arkkitehtuurikuvausta

tilt shift -objektiivilla,

mutta onneksi aikaa jäi myös sopukoiden tutkiskeluun

ja oman muistikortin täyttämiseen. 

Hildi said...

Oh Rebecca, I really like your photo's. What a wonderful space. Imagine what you could do with it!

nic*nilla said...

What an amazing space that is. Lucky you to get lost in this space so full of character and long forgotten stories.

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Thanks so much Hildi!
It was one of those rare treats
to get to spend half a day in a place like that...
It really did get the imagination going,
those dream shoots & studio ideas boiling beneath the surface.
I was totally mesmerised by the space itself
and all its nooks and crannies.

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Guess what, you came to mind there
and I thought you'd like it, too...
It was a beautiful place to see,
that special light and all those patinated, crumbling textures
that only the passing of time can achieve.
At the same time it felt a little sad,
as decades of activity and work for locals
has ceased,
and it stands there waiting for developers
to get busy.
Only a short time in its current state
and all those memories will be hidden under glossier surfaces.

Tuire said...

Olen yllättynyt kuinka hienoja kuvia sait vanhasta tehtaasta. Kaunista!

michele said...

that cloudy, drifty, mottled, abstractly wonderful stairway wall! what a treasure juxtaposed with all the clean lined geometry elsewhere. thanks for sharing the lovely. :)

Seawashed said...

I could get lost in your photography.
This is my kind of space.
The light...the windows...the

My husband works in spaces like this...
so your photos make me think of him. xx

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Kiitos Tuire!
Tuolla aika kameran kanssa lensi siivillä
ja otoksia jäi talteen aikamoinen kasa.
Jotenkin tuollaiset vanhat tehdasrakennukset
ja ylipäänsä vanhat, hylätyt talot osuvat ja uppoavat.
Joku haikeus ja ajasta irti oleva kauenus
leijuu tuollaisissa miljöissä ihan eri tavalla ilmassa.

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

I thought that stairway was pretty incredible, too,
crumbling before one's very eyes.
So many different shades of grey
that got my heart racing a little :)
A sweet autumn to you dear michele, x

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Ahh, thank you dear Seawashed
- I kept envisioning all those things one could do there,
but at the same time just loving it as it is,
letting the building do the talking.
Thank you for always leaving such heartfelt messages, xx

Bien chiné said...

Wooow, Rebecca!! What a wonderful bore place. It will be perfect for you :)) What a beautiful photos. I image that your teacher will be happy with you. You are the best!!