"I live in this amazing old building 
with hidden passage ways, 
wrought iron gates, 
theater-style loggias and balconies, 
old looming trees lining the drive-way, 
narrow staircases like this with a calm, 
muted colour palette you'd wish you had 
on your own walls, 
but can only really be achieved by the passing of time. 
The place even has its own clock tower. 
And I was on my way to take a picture of it... 
but I never got that far."

I have an instacrush. 
The pale and hushed home of Annika von Holdt.

She's a stunner and a style queen, who's graced the covers of many a magazine,
but now divides her time between Denmark and the Caribbean,
and writes novels for a living. 
You may be following her already,
but thought I'd spill the beans in case you don't.

So here for a little tour around her
Copenhagen home.

You can visit her website here
follow her on instagram here

All images with kind permission

Sweet dreams, 


Nalle said...

Ihastuin tuohon valokuvaseinään. Kauniisti toteutettu♥

Elsa said...

Onpa ihanan rento ja tyylikäs koti, tykkään kovasti. Kulunut puu ja valkoinen = loistava kompo!

Anci said...

It's beautiful ! I just love it and got a lot of inspiration. Thank you ♥


Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Se on kyllä Nalle ihan huikea!

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Hirmuisen harmoninen ja ihanan väljän oloinen kokonaisuus kyllä...

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Glad to hear it Anci!
Me, too, it all looks so light and harmonious,
floaty and stylish at the same time, x