It's been a whirl of a March,

but my head is finally above

a pile of work, trips and family stuff. 

And my studies started,

the best thing of all. 

The words are still few and far apart,

but images are spinning in my head.

And a weekend mood is here,

how I've missed that feeling.

Light & Love everyone!


Ann Kåge said...

Wonderful pictures! I am fond of the effects that you use in your pictures. It looks very nice!
Kindest regards Ann

Nalle said...

Jännittäviä aikoja. Paljon onnen eväitä reppuun mukaan.

Bien chiné said...

And what a wonderful light ...
Thanks for that beautiful photos, Rebecca. Glad you've started the studio.
Enjoy the weekend, you really deserve it!!

stina sæm said...

Adorable photos.
Thank you for a inspirating blog and have a nice and beautiful weekend.
regards Stína

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Thank you so very much Ann,
wishing you a lovely weekend!

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Kiitos Nalle rohkaisusta!
Ensimmäiset lähipäivät takana
ja etätehtävät työn alla,
innostavalta kyllä tuntuu.
Lokoisaa viikonloppua!

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Totally loving these sunny days dear Nines,
certainly adds an ease and extra magic
for taking photos as well.
A lovely, relaxing weekend to you, too.

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Thanks so much Stina for your kind words!
Have to say I really appreciate a free weekend
this time round,
the sun's shining and we're heading on a little excursion soon.
A beautiful weekend to you, too!

Anci said...

Thank you for being here giving me inspiration and just taking me to another world !


Yvonne said...

Hello Rebecca, just saw your comment over at Jillians. Would love to have you over at The Hive, i don't recall having a finnish blogger there. i'm the founder of The Hive by the way.

I also need to comment on that camera strap!!! i have been searching for one like that for some time. I have been over Etsy to find one, did you make it yourself? I'm not crafty like that :)

Geisslein said...

Hi Rebecca, I´m glad for your happiness ;o) and your post made me smile!
have a happy week!
x, T.

Liivia said...

Tykkään tosi paljon aamiaskuvastasi!

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Oh thank you Anci,
I love it every time you stop by.

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

So happy you came over and left a trace of yourself Yvonne.
Hive sounds pretty incredible,
would love to be there, at least one day if it doesn't work out
this time round.

About the camera strap -
I'm not crafty either
and wouldn't dare trying to pull something off like this myself
for dangling my precious camera :)
It's by Bloom Theory,
a gift to myself when I found I got on my photography course.
The order times are pretty long
as they start making the thing only after the order has been received.
Very, very happy with it!

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Thank you dear Geisslein,
let's keep smiling through the weekend :)

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Oi kiitos Liivia!
Harvoin on aikaa nauttia niin aamiaisen syömisestä ja kuvaamisesta,
joten hyvä hetki tuossa oli meneillään :)