it's 3.30 pm.
i just made the bed.
holiday mode.
yesterday my daughter & I
did a shop crawl.
she picked out decorations 
for her birthday party,
i went a little mad
in the flower shops.
had to finish off
with coffee,
hot chocolate
& cake of course.

it's been a week 
of not doing much of anything,
which has felt like everything right now.

it's cold,
but the light that floods in
whispers s p r i n g.
i'm sensing vibrancy in the air
that's opening up the senses.

tomorrow it's time for a sleepover party.
she'll be thirteen
& i can't quite believe it.
for me,
a few more days of relishing
the light,
the flowers,
the coffee that overflows,
pages of a book 
that beckon. 

wishing you a lovely weekend!


Anonymous said...

Thank you. I'm loving the feeling in the pictures. And oh how gorgeous was the drawing she made in the film. Wishing you a sunny weekend. - MissHiirit

Rebecca said...

Thank you so much dear MissHiirit
for your kind words!
That Ms Doillon is quite the icon :)

barefeet and bluejeans said...

Ooooo....ahhhh..,.whispers of spring in my soul and a few quiet lovely moments to sneak over to your blog and be saturated by beauty. Thank you again lovely Rebecca for the art that flows from your beautiful soul