oh boy
has it been a while
since I've shown my face over here.
despite my best New Year's intentions
not to get too swallowed up in work,
I got gulped right down...
but I'm resurfacing.

last weekend we gathered our little family
& headed over to a sleepy seaside town
on the south coast.

the air was thick
in mist, drizzle & hanging clouds
as we walked
around the area of villas
still deep in slumber.

we had a swim
at a newly-opened spa,
where the vast windows 
opening towards the endless grey sea sky
made the swim in the soft water of the indoor pool
feel like you were part of infinity. 

dinner in a quiet, candlelit restaurant
feasting on delicious local harvests
rounded it all off.

I swear I left kilos of stress
right there on those silent beaches
ready to hitch the next wave.
good riddance I say.
ready for fresh winds.


all images shot in Hanko last weekend.

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I'll look into it!