I spent the morning catching up with work,
 answering emails, 
staring at numbers,
getting my bits & bobs ready 
for the accountant.
Pretty boring stuff in other words.
And despite cups of coffee
alternating with spiced up green tea 
& music playing softly in the background,
found myself getting fidgety, uncomfortable, 
a little stressed. 

Sooo, I decided to grab my camera
& find something to point it at
within these quiet rooms. 
Because the click of that button
is like an instant shot of stress relief 
that goes through the right eye,
into the brain
and all the way to a warm place inside.

So ta-daa,
grainy pics
on a grey day
served right up.
Nothing special at all :) 
But did the trick again. 

Other things that provide momentary relief ~
deserting the desk for a walk 
in the middle of the day,
flicking through a book,
or simply getting up 
to rustle something up in the kitchen.
As long as it involves walking away from said desk.

Wishing you joy
& a spot of stress relief
if that's what you need today, too :) 



An eternal love affair with Fleetwood Mac.

Hermes coyly checking out Amber the angel,
who came home with me
as a result of a lengthy stopover in Munich last summer
~ and Peter Lindbergh happened to be in town... 
(well his photographs anyway).

Intoxicated by the scent of Växthuset by &Other Stories
~ transports me to a place of a fire burning in a hearth,
plenty of firewood stacked up next to it, 
warm, grey blankets,
a pile of books
& black, starry skies. 
A girl can imagine.

Carol said...

Such beautiful pictures. I enjoy your site each day - pictures are wonderfully relaxing. Thank you!

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

How lovely to hear
~ thank you from the heart!