Life in the small Andalucian mountain town of Gauçin
took on a relaxed vibe.

On a clear day,
you could see the white rock of Gibraltar glowing in the distance,
and beyond, 
the lights of Tangier on the other side of the strait
~  Africa.

a valley of cork & olive trees
and a few dirt tracks
winding their way down the mountain. 

The plan was to use our house in the heights
as a base for exploring nearby areas
like Granada, Gibraltar and Ronda,
but we managed only Gibraltar,
although did squeeze in a spot of lunch
in Ronda on our way down from Seville.
The kids were happy right here
and so were we... 

The sound of cicadas,
a dog barking in the distance,
the tyres of a jeep swerving down the hill. 

Life takes on a simplified form,
intense pleasure from the warmth
that we were all yearning for,
delicious food,
reading on the terrace,
listening to the kids splash about,
dear S. bonding with the English girl 
next door. 

Life was easy,
as everything was on our doorstep.
A well-stocked village food shop,
health shop, a couple of delis,
a few surprsingly good restaurants,
cafés on the square
for a morning coffee.

Miles of distance now,
but I want to ignite  some of that holiday feel
into the here and now,
on this bleak October day in the north. 
Pleasure in simple things. 


Anonymous said...


what wonderful Pictures.When you see them, you want to go there.



Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Thank you dear Sabine
for your kind words
& taking a little virtual trip with me :)
Lots of love, R x