... well, take an entire Sunday
and a light-filled space,

... a husband,
who's willing to help clear up
said space,
and take charge of the home while it all happens,
yet again,

... two photographers with a shared secret pinterest board
filled with powder-hued eye candy 
to set the backdrop
for each of us doing our own thing,
and props, 
some handmade at the last minute,

... one lovely, patient model,
the epitome of elegance 
on the inside and out,
fed with strawberries and bubbly
(well, lunch, too :)),
willing to take part in the dream,

... a makeup artist
who immediately got the gist 
of what we were after,
creating her magic 
that remained flawless
all through the day.

(and yes, 
there's a Facebook group for that!
we were strangers,
but no longer.
there's more magic in store together, i'm sure...)

... music,
love & excitement
that bubble over. 

a feeling that you've given your all,
run a marathon.
achy neck, dizzy head,
feeling totally disoriented.

i have a thing for seeing glimpses
of what has gone into a final image,
and wanted to share some here, too.
& something of the joy
of getting one's act together
to pull this off.
gathering forces
and finally getting on with it.

i find that photography for me
is a constant battle 
between feeling satisfied 
and hungry,
never ever one without the other.
right now i feel like i've been fed
at least for a little while.
that, my friends,
is an unfamiliar sensation for me :) 


model: Ani Pinchuk
muah: Stephanie Korhonen

lille weiß said...

Beautiful Pictures <3 <3 <3

have a nice day Rebecca

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Thank you sweet you!
Lots of love... R