City of perfume steeped on a hill.
A scent-filled town that's conjured up 
magical connotations in my head
& created a longing 
to see it for myself one day.
Last summer I got lucky. 

in the heart of the medieval town
merges the past & present
in the art of perfume-making.
The old town mansion
with its stunning rooms
& modern, light-filled glass extensions
filled with plants like vetiver, patchouli and jasmine
reveal the secrets behind all things olfactory
from raw materials and ancient methods of distilling flowers & plants 
to 80s headspace and bottle design. 

There were metal rods to pull out from a wall,
each lined with a different variation 
of Dior's favourite flower muguet, aka lily of the valley,
& capsules to fill the nose with everything 
from whiskey to rose, mimosa, vanilla, tuberose...

Next door, 
Fragonard with its smaller museum, 
elegant shop 
& glimpse into perfume-making du jour. 

Many months have passed since our trip to Grasse,
but the sillage on my skin still lingers...