the last two weeks of the 52 week photography challenge rolled into one –

week 5, technical, "ten shots of the same subject
choosing one" (above),

my darling daughter
getting cosy with a cup of cocoa,

& week 6, artistic,
"candy without using candy",

dark chocolate, cups of coffee by day or rooibos at night
& a lovely new magazine
are my favourite kind of candy...

this week, two books landed on my desk
for translation,
one on fashion, the other one on interiors.
and i'm shooting a series of products
while a chef cooks up treats
in a beautiful old place in town. 
so glad about my freelance life,
about making the transition, 
& how the right types of gigs
and new but quickly solidifying contacts
have been literally just appearing
one after the next. 
i also have a new lovely workspace
in another part of town,
which i'm eager to show you very soon.
clouds looming, too,
shoulder trouble,
which has caused some concern
& put certain limits 
on how much i can do in one stretch.
it's made me increasingly conscious
of nurturing this temple
with kind food
& gentle movement. 
i think patience is another issue
i need to exercise... 
and the art of not fearing
in the shadows, 
because light always shines through. 

ah, dear reader,
it makes me so glad you stop by.
and i know this space
needs a little je ne sais quoi,
some more coherently written posts perhaps,
but right now my head seems to be mostly spinning
& i'm feeling a little dizzy :) 
i'm looking forward to reaching the clearing 
behind the trees 
and meeting up with you there,
and until then,
i'll keep the rambles coming :) 


barefeet and bluejeans said...

Beautiful you....thank you for posting even when your mind is spinning. :) It is perfect that you post your thoughts just as they are -- just as you are. It is beautifully authentic which is what most draws me to your blog. I echo you in your desire to exercise patience -- yes, yes, yes, and also the reminder NOT to fear in the shadows. While both of those practices are tricky at times, I do think they are essential to our physical, emotional and spiritual health. I wish you all kinds of goodness as you relish your new work rhythms, as you honour your "temple" when it needs rest or healing, and as you keep reminding yourself that "love casts away all fear." :) --Melody

Anu. said...

Kaunista, viisasta ja jotain niin utuisen taianomaisesti levollista <3 <3 <3

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

thank you dear kindred spirit you
~ from the heart...
for the kindness, encouragement & echoes.
patience can be tricky
when things don't go quite as planned,
but in the end it all seems to fall into place
when you focus on each day & moment.
"love casts away all fear"
is such a wonderful truth,
thank you for the reminder.
sending you all light & love right where you are.

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

oi miten ihanasti sanot Anu,
ilahduttaa, jos tuollaiset tuntemukset välittyivät!
lepoa haluan oppia enenevästi tuntemaan
silloinkin, kun tulee hidasteita ja varjoja vastaan.
iloa toivottelen tähän päivään!