it was a grey november day
when i saw an offer i couldn't refuse
& bagged a room in a plush hotel in our town
for a later date
~ for last weekend to be exact,
to celebrate my husband's birthday,
life together,

i'd never done this before,
stayed in a hotel in my own town
just for the fun of it,
the indulgence of it. 

a weekend of canapés & bubbly drinks,
swirling velvet stairs
leading to our room 
on the 8th floor.

a weekend of feeling a little frivolous,
and anonymous,
as when visiting a foreign city.
even the streets gleamed in a new light
when we traipsed over to the restaurant
where we had reservations 
two blocks away. 

a weekend of feeling
we could be anyone,
from anywhere,
start over wherever or however we wanted
 ~ that same feeling that has hit me on aeroplanes
ever since i was young kid. 

a weekend of feeling glad for our life 
as we know it right now,
despite the world slipping into the guise of an oyster.