quiet days,
simple details.
appreciating the ordinary,
having more time again,
evening runs around the bay.

(for someone who has always 
detested running with a vengeance
(i blame school PE for a lot of things),
it's been a joy to have this new
source of abandonment in my life. 
it happened without pushing
at the end of last summer
- simply by putting some good music to the ears
& the urge to start running
filling my body by surprise. 
that urge seems permanent now.) 

a quick hello
on a perfectly ordinary tuesday afternoon. 
besides, i think there's almost something poetic
about perfectly ordinary tuesday afternoons.


Esszimmer Planerin Karin said...

What a fine blog, very beautiful Fotos and so inspiring for home and ideas for the living room.
Kind regards, Karin

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Thank you so much Karin!

Unknown said...

I totally get what you mean about school PE!! I absolutely hated it and had a very mean teacher. I always look forward to your choice of music...this one I did enjoy. Love your bed lamp,I might steal that idea. Getting cooler on this side of the good to wrap up in soft woollen jumpers.


Hosuli said...

Freessejä kuvia. :)

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Ahh, you, too, & school PE...
Looking at my own kids,
luckily their experience seems a bit better.
It's a shame the vibe was so competition-driven,
rather than trying to impart the joy of movement,
which would be of so much more value
in the long haul.
But it's been a pleasure to discover
that joy later on as an adult :)

The lamp is from Merci in Paris,
not sure if they still have
the same model online,
they may well do.

Wishing you well over there,
wrapped up in layers.
Spring is about to burst in full swing here.
Definitely beauty in each season! x

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Oi kiitti Hosuli!
Kevät tuo onneksi
vähän freessimpää valoakin :)

Doina Manea said...

Wonderful entry, as always, I enjoyed every word you wrote and each photo.
What is a school PE?
Doina with love from NY

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Thank you dear Doina so very much!
PE must be a British English expression in that case,
standing for physical education.
Wishing you a lovely spring in NY! xx