Sometimes it's in the wilderness
where we find our peace.
Like wandering in the rolling hills 
of the Peak District last summer
(pictured above),
when it hit us - a family of city-dwellers -
with such a sense of awe
& joy & freedom. 

And now, I've been confined to my desk 
a little too much lately,
but that wilderness simmers inside,
whispering, tugging,

Seawashed said...

I need the wilds of the sea coast to fill me, nourish and strengthen and remain free within. We live in the valley at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains with the coast beside and we are not far from the city. All that I love within reach. I hope you can get away into the wilderness again.

Burlap Luxe said...

Love the quote.... Peaceful and wild, I gave it to my daughter for her I.G site.
You always inspire soulfully.
I am looking for new found peace. Seek and one shall find.

See you soon dear.


Rebecca Skye Watson said...

It sounds like you live amidst the perfect marriage
of incredible, strength-giving elements
- mountains, the sea, & a pulsating city.
The wilderness like the Peak District glimpsed here
is a very rare place to find myself
... on the way back to the little inn where we were staying
we saw a deer in the distance with its striking antlers.
The sea is my element, too,
and I feel so fortunate to live close to it.
And yes, that wilderness or raging sea
is on the inside, too, xxx

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

I love that quote so much, too,
- truth in the opposites,
light & shadow...
I hope that you find the peace you feel you need
right now...
I think already hearing oneself and knowing what one needs
at each time is a major step on the way.
I thank you from my heart for the kindness you splashed here,
treasured xxx