Part of me is sad to depart
with August. 
But September,
what a lovely ring to the word.
The way it sounds
& all that it holds
- leaves soon turning
into a myriad of colours.
The soul turning a leaf, too,
on the brink of something new. 

Toast sure does early autumn beautifully. 

Seawashed said...

So lovely. The days ahead of September's breath Await us. xo

michele said...

"the soul turning a leaf." mmmmm. similar words have been pulsating in my mind over the last few days: the seed of the soul. it must be the power of autumn, yes? peace to you, friend.

Burlap Luxe said...

A beautiful season ahead of you, so inspiring here.
Love getting to know you and all you inspire.


Susanna said...

Kaunista / Ihanaa ..

Anci said...

I like this time of the year and the pictures have the feeling of that.
I hope that you will have a nice weekend.


Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Thank you dear, beautiful soul sisters
for your heart-felt words over here!
September began with a big workload,
but it's about to shift,
and that autumn crispness
is just so inviting...
Hope you've all had a sweet start
to the new season, x