because this song makes me smile,

& dream,

& do.

(well, all her music makes me smile.

i think it's the smile

i hear in her voice, as she sings.

and i love that cd cover.)

And on this rainy day,

i've felt the creative juices bubbling in my veins,

but fumbled in pouring them out,

 making them flourish.

but then i tell myself:

it's so much more than enough.

And angel-voiced Lisa E. chants in my ear:

flow on & flow through.

 feel that smile nudging

at the corners of the mouth.

that warm glow burning inside.

"Don't stop,  flow on & flow through.
Don't stop,
claim what's yours, it belongs to you.
And don't stop,
flow on & flow through.
Don't stop,
just do what you long to do."


janzi said...

interesting voice,not quite my taste, but still interesting to have been introduced to.. thank you for sharing..

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Thank you Janzi!
She has a very unique voice, I agree,
and music is such a personal thing...
I do like the way her music *feels*,
like a light spring day...
Wishing you a lovely day today! x