Summer. Holidays. Now! 

Rather in love with the thought 
of quietly tiptoeing into the kitchen 
in the mornings
to brew a pot of coffee,
then heading back under the linen covers
to sip slowly,
in the quiet lull of the dawn light.

that causes the feet to dance.

Time to get lost in the words
of all those books I've begun.

Escapades with the kids
- strawberry picking for starters.

Then there's a bigger trip 
beckoning around the corner,
with the promise of special people
& striking landscapes 
to see and breathe in. 
My little brother's wedding
in a field in the rolling English countryside.

In the back of my mind,
feeling the urge to just be,
but at the same time
hoping that the sweet summer freedom
effortlessly instils an ounce of autumn direction.

I hope the summer is treating you well. 
What do you hope it brings? 



Even if the sun refuses to shine,
an eternal (virtual) summer resides right here (click).

michele said...

it would be nice if more rest were in the summer forecast as i'm beat! i hope things will slow down to a kinder pace and that i will notice the beauty of the season all around. in my heart, summer reigns eternal so i do feel most at ease during these months. peace to you.

Bien chiné said...

Inspiring photos and words, Rebecca. I can understand this feeling. My dream would be a trip, perhaps France or Portugal...
I wish you happy holidays full of lovely moments.
great that video, by the way...

Seawashed said...

A wedding in the English countryside sounds like the perfect setting to just 'be' in. Enjoy every precious ounce of it.

Anci said...

I love to be here again, in your wonderful world ! I wish that my summer will bring me love, adventures and creativity ! I hope that your summer is lovely !!


Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Your writing never fails to take my breath away sweetie...
Hoping that that's exactly what's in store for you.
I've noticed that rest & seeing the beauty around
& the creative urge seem to go hand in hand...
Lots of love to you, summer's child. x

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Thank you Nines darling
- France or Portugal sounds perfect...
That video, I remember sharing it over here
probably years ago now,
still as beautiful and wonderful :)
Take care! xx

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

I think so, too, sweet Kerrie
- hoping the weather will be on our side,
or the field may just turn into a giant puddle of mud :)
So looking forward to the whole trip
& having the pleasure
of showing the kids so many lovely places over there.
Hope the summer gives you all you could hope for, x

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

And I am SO happy to see your face Anci!! x
Love, adventures & creativity sounds
like the most delicious summer menu,
(wouldn't mind a portion of that myself :))
A lovely, lovely summer to you, dear A, x

Anci said...

Thank you so much ! Just today I need to hear kind words. You are a dear friend :)