Stylist Lotta Agaton & 

Photographer Mikkel Mortensen 

Bien chiné said...

Lovely packaging and lovely atmosphere. I think like you, simply and beautiful.
Nice monday, Rebecca!

Bonjade said...

Love your atmosphere.....georgeous!

Wishing you fine days

Anci said...

I like the Christmas you have here !


Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Isn't it just darling Nines,
the simpler the better
and these do it perfectly.
And I suddenly got a huge craving
for some succulent blue cheese and fresh figs.
Hugs! x

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Thanks dear Bonjade so much!
I love that it doesn't have to
be too much or cost much money
to create a lovely atmosphere for the season.
Wishing you lovely days leading up to Christmas, too, x

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

I so like these, too.
Yesterday we got a Christmas tree
and to be honest,
if if was just me and the man I don't think I'd bother...
Just some branches, candles, flowers and good cheese
would be great :)