I was browsing through a tutorial on something or another,
when two words describing photographers
bounced off the page –

’light seekers’, ’seekers of light’...

just love all the meanings and double meanings
disguised in those words.

This Easter time the light has appeared,
in every sense of the word.
Not just having to desperately seek,
but a chance to delicately tread in that light.

Momentary light finders.


Bien chiné said...

I love your photos, you know, relly diaphonous, it's true. But also you get to the heart with your thoughts. Pure sensibility...
Happy easter Rebecca

Seawashed said...

Lovely & true.

Anci said...

It's magic and it's poetry !


Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Just the sound of that word 'diaphanous' is so delicately delicious...
So happy you say what you say,
means a great deal ♡.
Hope you've been having a lovely Easter time, too.

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Thank you beautiful Kerrie!

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

That went straight to the heart,
thank you Anci ♡ !

michele said...

a hushed *yes* from me. so often i have been of the 'desperately seeking' flavor. to delicately tread is music to my soul.


Cindy said...

A magical word, one of the prettiest ever, in the saying and in the meaning...


Ed Emerson said...

There is no such word! The correct spelling is DIAPHANOUS. Look it up in a dictionary.

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Thanks Ed for taking the time to correct,
right you are.
I grabbed this off Pinterest, but should have of course checked
- but did spell it correctly in the above comment it seems :)