1st Advent

1st Advent today,

feeling very unprepared for the season ahead. 

There's an urge in me 

to attempt to keep things as simple as possible

- sprigs of eucalyptus, ivy and mistletoe

and plenty of candlelight

seeming quite elaborate enough as decorations. 


Yesterday a friend and I

sat in a café sipping our gingerbread lattes,

followed by a visit to a gallery

to admire the shots

of a new shining star in the fashion photography scene,

Finnish Juha Mustonen

And the gallery tours continue,

as next weekend it's time for a little Stockholm escapade,

to breathe in works of photographer god 

Paolo Roversi at Fotografiska.

A true dream come true. 

Wishing you an Advent time

filled with light & love!

Photos: 1, 2 by me, 3 Paolo Roversi via Fotografiska tidningen
Mathias Emil said...

Beautiful! As always...
Greetings from a huge admirer,

michele said...

what a visit that will be! oh i wish i could be there and hope the exhibit travels my way! i am right there with you about the simple holiday decor. on my list: green apples, peppermints, and candlelight.



Unknown said...

Love youre pictures and wish you a wonderful decembre free of stress and filled with joy!

love from gunn

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Thank you solo much Mathias,
such kind words!

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Oh yes, I hope you get a sighting of Roversi stateside, too…
I've been googling the words 'roversi' & 'exhibition'
every now and then over the last year or so,
just in case something had come up.
My heart skipped a beat when one day
that search came up with a result,
and it happens to be so near…

Your Christmas list sounds l o v e l y !

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Thank you, ever-inspiring gunn kristin
- wishing you lovely December days, x

Sara said...

Oh you gonna LOVE that exhibition Rebecca!!!
Hannah (honeypieliving) and I went there some weeks ago...and WOW...just WOW...
I´m going there for the third time next week...could walk around there forever.

Enjoy and have a wonderful time

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Dear Sara,
Up with a glass of red and packing for Stockholm
when I noticed your message popping up
- seeing Roversi's works hanging right there at arm's length
will be a once-in-a-lifetime kind of thing,
waiting with bated breath…
I'll be thinking about the incredible duo that is you and hannah.
Love, R

Unknown said...

Beautiful pictures! Have a peaceful and joyful December!

Anci said...

It's wonderful ! As always !!