Portraits à la Carla

If, like me,
you have a soft spot 
for portraits, a Parisian ambience
and photography tips,
is the word.

I was ever so happy to find this gem of a nook
the other day... 
And cherish the notion of people like Carla
generously pouring out what they've learnt
for the benefit of others. 

With these I wish you a happy weekend! 


All images with kind permission by Carla Coulson

P.S. Can I move into that apartment 
with the herringbone floor already?

P.P.S. On another note, 
I've had a total crush on Malin Persson's home
for quite a while now
- yummy :)

Krista said...

oi,oi! herkkuja silmille!

Veronica Roth said...

Wow, loads of beautiful images. That's it, isn't it? That herringbone floor gets me every time. Now if I could just figure out how to incorporate that floor into a 1950's British yellow brick cottage or a 1920's Craftsman style cottage we'd be all set. :)

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

No on :)
Olin ihan innoissani kun tuon blogin löysin!

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

It's so the herringbone floor...
I feel your puzzlement, but maybe it would work :)