Focus - Jennifer B. Hudson

I have a confession to make. 
I'm addicted to Framed Network
Tons and tons of photography inspiration!

It's also the place where I came across 
and her 'studio in the desert'. 
I think I watched it three times in a row,
then rushed over to her site for more,
and couldn't stop staring
at her ethereal portraits
that seemed to stir something
in my very core. 
Pure, organic, otherworldly
- poetic, yet powerful. 

Jennifer Hudson kindly gave me permission
to share some of her images
here on my site - 

I come away with a sense of awe
over the quality of her work,
yet stricken by the underlying humility
that's ever so encouraging.
To quote some of her words from the video:

“There are so many days 
when you just don’t want to get up and make art ever again, 
and then there are days 
when you will feel as triumphant as an eagle,
 and there’s going to be everything in between. 
But you have to trust that gift.
 - I truly believe that there is a capacity in every person 
that has chosen this path to make great work, 
but you have to trust that,
and study and work for it, 
and it’s there.”

P.S. I find that I'm increasingly in love with my camera,
and have an insatiable appetite to learn much, much more. 
And it feels like a natural progression
for my little nook here
to include a little more thoughts and inspiration
on those lines.
So I added a new label - Focus -,
this post being the first of hopefully a string of others 
 on the theme in times to come.


All images courtesy of Jennifer B. Hudson

Cindy said...

oh wow... amazing work. earthy and primal, and mysterious and magical all at the same time


michele said...

had not heard of framed network. bet i'll fall in love too. these images are so beautiful and powerful. it's as if the subjects were caught rather than styled and directed.

can feel your passion to shoot and stretch in new ways, and i know your future will be littered with beautiful dreamy images as you open yourself up to them and take creative risks.

with you all the way!


Anna Tykhonova said...

I did not know this photographer, his works are beautiful! Thank you very much for sharing!

Joanna Ulfsdotter said...

Stunning images! I love the shades of grey and clever use of textures. And you do right, my dear, to carve out space for this love of yours; I for one am always eager to see the products of your own eye on these pages. Really thrilled for you, now that you have a good setup for continuing to hone your skills! Wishing you loads and loads of inspiration - will keep my eyes peeled for more 'Focus' entries as well. And for you, the sky is the limit! x

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Exactly, so beautifully and aptly put Cindy...
I think it's fascinating what different styles originate from each one of us
when one has the technical skills coupled with a clear inner voice.
Definitely a journey of discovery.

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

You'll love Framed Network michele
- so many insightful videos featuring photographers with their own unique thing going.

Ooh, I'll take those words and keep them close to my heart, thank you for the encouragement, x.
Creative *risks*, I think you've hit the nail on the head there.
Daring to step out of one's comfort zone, trying, failing, learning...

Wishing us both the best possible stretching :) x

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Thank you Anna for stopping by!
I hadn't heard of her either,
until I came across her via Framed.
Worthy of being in the spotlight!

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

More oohs and aahs dearest Jo, thank you, x.
Playing with the camera just feels like such a joy and *pleasure and place of freedom,
the best source of a sense of flow...
So glad we can chat about these things for hours...
May that joy and fulfilment continue for both of us ♡.

Audrey said...

Beautiful images, and even more such a great quote. I like your new topic "Focus". A perfect match for your beautiful blog.

Ps. and thank you for leaving such a lovely comment on my blog.
Such a pleasant surprise!!x

erin's art and gardens said...

oh how i love these inspiring images! i for one can not live without my lovely to come across your blog today.