summer livin'

I recently joined a local facebook group, 
where people post photos of skips that they come across 
on the streets somewhere...
The day after joining, a picture of a skip close by came up
with this lovely ladder just waiting to be snatched.
It's looking good leaning against the kitchen wall right now
& one day in that 'library' I'm dreaming about...
(and doubles as the perfect climbing frame for the girl it seems).

The sun has been kissing our shoulders
and lighting the days long into the night.
The past Midsummer weekend
was a longed for chance to dip our toes in the sand&sea
and absorb that summer feel also under the skin.

For years I remember feeling
I wasn't really a 'summer person'

- mmmm, what was I actually thinking? 

Wishing you all light-filled days,

LeeAnn at Mrs Black's said...

Yes, years ago when rock n roll bands played the soundtrack to my night style life I thought I was not a summer person either. Perhaps as we mellow even us winter-night types appreciate the glow and scent of summer. Beautiful photographs, and what a find that ladder is! Love the shells, and the beach always beckons in summer. Minerva x

Joanna Ulfsdotter said...

Gorgeous! Very summery...x

tinajo said...

Lovely pics with a lot of summer feeling to them! :-)

Meine Dinge Franka said...

So bright!

♥ Franka

Unknown said...

all of the pictures are sooo beautiful and were making me want to watch them again and again :)

maria escarabajos bichos y mariposas said...

lovely pictures! where is that lovely beach!??? I want to go!!! thank you so much for your beautiful blog. best regards from Spain

Unknown said...

Beautiful photos!!!

bellsandfeathers said...

What a magical post! Thank you for sharing this.

Best wishes from one summer child. :-)

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Beautifully described dear Mrs Black!
I think part of it for me is the fact the our winters over here are sooo long and dark,
summers short, intense & nightless
- going from one extreme to another can also add pressure to make the most of every moment,
which can feel a little too much sometimes :)
But yes, mellowing, that's what's happened,
& moving in one's own pace, rather than thinking of all those 'shoulds'.
Applies to other areas, too. So age, what a grace-giving thing!
Let's lap up these summer days, in our own ways, x

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Thanks dear Joanna,
& this year a reality, rather than a figment of the imagination.

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Thanks tinajo,
I suppose these captured some of my favourite summer things
- a quiet beach and Pimm's :)

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

The brightness&light is just what the camera's needed :)
Lovely summer days to you, x

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Thank you Shikha for being so kind
- and for all those beautiful messages you've left me from the other side of the world.
Wishing you a sweet Saturday, x

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Hi maria and thank you for your delightful message!
The beach is in Hanko, a 100 or so kilometres from Helsinki:
We took a little trip there on Midsummer Eve.

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Thank you ever so much Anna, x

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Thank you so much delf,
and kindred summer-child :)
(and what magic the name of your blog kindles in the mind, beautiful)

Anonymous said...

Kaunis sävy seinissä, haluatko paljastaa mikä väri kyseessä?:)
Aurinko-loma terveisin:M.S

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Hei MS,
Niin mieluusti kuin kertoisin mikä sävy seinissä on...
Se oli vain sattumien summa.
Ostettiin jotain harmaalla sävytettyä valkoista,
joka ei sitten näyttänytkään siltä miltä piti (veti vaaleansinertävään)
ja päälle sitten summamutikassa maalattiin pari kerrosta jollakin muulla.
Itseäkin ottaa vähän päähän kun ei ole enää tarkka resepti muistissa,
sillä sävystä tuli kyllä varsin onnistunut.

Nina said...

Ihanat tikkaat! Mulla on ollut vuosia vanhat tikkaat kirjahyllynä. Tässä linkki jossa kuvia kenkälaatikosta (asunnostani), se on juuri nyt myynnissä, kolmannessa kuvassa näet tikkat: