Wallpaper magic

Some photos from family Martensen-Larsen's home, who run  wallpaper shop Tapet-Café in Denmark.

You can view the article & rest of the pictures here.

Now I need to get a move on, but will come back to your lovely comments in the previous post very soon. Have a sweet Tuesday!
tinajo said...

Wow, amazing place - I like it! :-)

Svenja said...

The Blue One with the Flowers is so beautiful :)
Nice Post!

Tatiana Doria said...

Gorgeous wallpapers!! I love them all.

Liivia said...

Tuo ylin on kyllä niin kaunis tapetti! Ottaisin heti kotiini.
Ja kakkoskuvan kokonaisuuskin viehättää omassa angstisuudessaan.

Tiina A said...

Fabulous ones! Especially the first one with delicate grey shades with full of character!

Greetings from

michele said...

all so fabulous and unexpected, and the last image especially captures something quite atmospherically splendid.


Laurie said...

The stripes are amazing. I always love a good wallpaper!

Mii... said...

Blogissani on tunnustus sinulle ♥

Mo'a said...

When these images came up on my google reader, I found them very familiar...took me a while to realize that I had just read about Martensen-Larsen's home in my latest issue of Bo Bedre.
I love your blog...bad, bad, me to have been a lurker for a long time and only now telling you.

annie said...

love this! especially stripes!

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

tinajo, Nice to hear :)

Svenja, That silver blue wallpaper picture is my favourite, too, and I also love the first one. Thanks! s

Tatiana Doria, Nice bold mix of different types of wallpaper, I wonder if they keep changing them every so often considering their line of business :)

Liivia, Tuo ylin + hopeanhohtoinen kukkatapetti munkin suosikkeja, kelpaisi! Raitatapetin fiiliksen kuvasit ihan nappiin:)

Tibs, That first one is really beautiful, timeless somehow.

michele, The girl's room at the bottom really is so quaint!

Laurie, Plenty of good wallpaper here :)

Mii... , Oi kaunis kiitos!!

Mo'a, They stopped selling Bo bedre over here and in fact it's impossible to get hold of any Danish interior magazines, which I find really annoying. Plenty from other countries, though, so don't really understand. Thanks so much for commenting, lurking is allowed, too :)

annie markantonatou, Glad you liked it!

Urbanstems said...