Brooklyn creators

Boy was I happy when I clicked on a link on Kinfolk and landed on the Makers, a photo project by Brooklyn-based photographer Jennifer Causey, featuring a whole host of creative people living and making things happen in Brooklyn. Certainly inspires to get those creative juices running.

Now for a really happy weekend to each and everyone! 

All photos: The Makers
Joanna Ulfsdotter said...

Utterly lovely! x

Rumour has it said...

Great pictures! I love that ´ancient´ way of coffee-making: simply pooring hot water by hand on your cup and getting the best coffee ever! :)
Good weekend for you.

Merja said...

Right up my alley! Thanks!

(i'm still hoarding quite a few bars of Saipua's stuff that I bought in California...)

montse-simetrya home said...

wonderful and relaxing photos!

Tiina A said...

It's such a happy and cosy atmosphere in every picture!

A great weekend to everyone!

michele said...

that is a whole bunch of lovely, and i love how the images relate even though they feature different creatives at work!

i will pop over there right away.


AnnaVallance said...

Great stuff! Have a great weekend.

chacha said...

Magnifique univers ! J'aime tout.

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Non es tuae, Isn't it just, in addition to the photos it's so inspiring to get to read a little about the people themselves and how they've found their little niches.

Marjolijn, I so loved those coffee images, too, so simple and wonderful :) Hope you've had a lovely weekend!

Merja, You came to my mind when I posted this :) Don't you love that it's called Saipua by the way.

montse-simetrya home, I agree that there's something soothing about them.

Tibs, I agree, all busy creating things yet not a stressful vibe to be sensed!

michele, Glad to have pointed you their way, I think I'll be popping back regularly from now on!

AnnaVallance, Thanks, hope you had a lovely weekend, too!

Chacha papiers, Merci!

Claudia Lane said...

your blog really gets my creative juices it!

Unknown said...

Like some sort of parallel universe of beauty!
It looks blissful
Kat x

Special 'K' said...

Thanks for sharing these beautiful eclectic images for us all to enjoy. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Thanks <3