Drawn towards chalk whites, ash greys, all things muted and pared down. And towards overlong white curtains, patinated herringbone floors, old fireplaces, clothes racks, paneled walls, magazine piles and fairylights (as always).

And suddenly black floors seem increasingly appealing, too. 

Dreaming away!

P.S. And I adore this post, too. 

michele said...

please some style/decorate/work your magical eye on my house. please. i am drawn to these images and these details you mention.

thankyou thankyou for your lovely blog.



Valloittava valkoinen said...

Niin ihanan pehmeitä sävyjä ja värejä! Tuosta peilistä taidan napata idean jouluksi!

Nämä piristi kiitos!


Ainosofia said...


Barbara said...

just have to tell you Rebecca, this is such a nice post ...

it may be helpful to readers but when our old house finally had its floors sanded I was sure they should be a pale color ... my older son persuaded me to choose a very dark stain - he was right! white walls, dark floors and white dog!

ps we also have two rooms with white painted floors which I love ...

happy decorating, everyone ...

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Hi all you lovelies. A quick thank you for your messages, I'll reply to you all properly tomorrow. Hope you're having a sweet Sunday. x

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

michele, You are so, so sweet, I'm taken aback ♥. Why don't we both aim for a few of these details and let the magic begin :)

Anu, tuo peilikuva mustaa lattiaa vasten on kyllä yksinkertaisuudessaan niin viekoitteleva.

FrenchByDesign, Thank you so, the feeling is totally mutual!

Ainosofia, ♥

Barbara, your floors sound just divine. I was flashing the idea of a black floor in our hallway to my hubby, but he wasn't too excited (yet...). But then he hasn't seen the images I've been seeing :) Agree that it would look it's best with white walls to bring some brightness and wonderful contrast.

Sara said...

the painted wood pile. SWEET! Unexpected! Cool!

sarah van raden said...

I love the chalky whites too! Such gorgeous color and texture in one.
Do check out for an exquisite line of chalky white ceramics with a simplistic, paired down feel.:)

Btw-your blog I'd beautiful and inspiring!