The Design Sponge posted some photos from the home of Jane Cumberbatch, who runs the company Pure Style. You can read more here.  

Like a breath of air!

Found via villa d'Esta
flwrjane said...

Yes, I love these.

She clearly walks the walk.

xo jane

Jimmy Schönning HEM said...

Färgerna på den översta bilden är helt otroliga! Det är vekrligen jätte snyggt.

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Jane, walks the walk and talks the talk indeed!

Jimmy, Love the top one, too, so unpretentious somehow. And that sriking green wall is quite something!

michele said...

love these, rebecca! i love the signs of life without clutter!


Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

michele, I was so happy to see the kitchen with all the bits and bobs left out, so refreshing to see signs of life as you say!

Niina said...

Ihana keittiö ! Juuri tuommoisesta haaveilen :o)