Buly 1803

To kickstart the weekend,
I wanted to share glimpses of
 or Buly 1803 for short –
a French beauty dispensary
that's simply breathtaking.

My Paris visit wasn't exactly
a shopping spree,
but I was set on choosing something special from Buly
to unpackage once our bathroom renovation 
would be complete.
This is by no means a paid promotion,
just pure love
for a heritage cherished to this day,
the most visually pleasing
shop imaginable
& super friendly staff,
who were happy for me to take some pics :) 
I mean,
those cabinets
with their rows of mysterious concoctions! 
Those Buly-crested floors! 

The visit  was complete
with Buly's very own calligrapher
scripting my name on 
my chosen purchase
(their Antique Damask Rose Body Oil,
which is still stashed in a box somewhere 
in the house,
while renovations are going on.
I'll dig it out when it's time
to show some bathroom pics...) 


Aimee said...

Yep, practically perfect in every way! The details are incredible. Also, how do I get a job as a professional calligrapher? I suppose step 1 is to learn calligraphy.

susan hemann said...

oh my, what a lovely shop!! I wish I could visit

by meisje said...

OMG, so beautifull !
xox, Meisje

Doina Manea said...

Charming, inviting - and the photographs are amazing!
with love from New York