becoming june,
becoming freedom.

a moment with Julia Margaret Cameron.

coffee with cream left over
from yesterday's pavlova
(everyone's had better things to do
than pop to the corner shop
for some more milk.)
it made me think 
about my Finnish grandma Hellin
who would sip on hers
from a saucer
sitting on her yellow porch.
softly blurred childhood memories
like photographs faded by the sun.
if I could have a wish,
I'd ask for a chance
to sit there on that porch
and have a chat,
woman to woman, 
heart to heart.

 moments with roses. 
becoming roses. 
patient attempts
to capture fluttering butterflies,
but they won't be tamed.
strangely i feel them take flight 
somewhere deep inside. 


Helen Elix said...

Perfect. Thank you.

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Thank *you*
from the <3! x

Annelie said...

Ihania ajatuksia ja kuvia!