in a neutral gear.

the chilly winds outside didn't beckon,
but a creative urge pulsated,
so I grabbed the camera
& pointed it around the house.

it gets the urge out of the system.
the urge you can't not obey.

and I lose myself 
in the light, 
the music, 
the coffee, 
the moment.


Aimee said...

I've had the urge for WEEKS now, and keep trying to find an opportunity to go outside for a few hours to shoot. It hasn't worked out yet, so the urge stays and builds. I think I need to take a cue from you, and look around my home.

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

yep, sometimes that urge gets so tormenting
that some first aid is needed...
just the act of following it
without a proper plan...
thank goodness for those urges,
making sure we keep on shooting,
keep on moving :)