beginning the week with a moment of peace.
daughter sniffling with her cold,
husband working from home today,
the gentle rhythm of the washing machine,
a call that got me excited,
another coffee on the boil.

a constant hunger for beauty,
to learn,
abstract images in my head
yearning to see the light of day. 
it creates a sort of ever-present longing
that, I've come to see,
 doesn't have to be tormenting
but can be cherished.  
it keeps you alive & curious.

here's wishing you a good week ahead.


Aimee said...

"that doesn't have to be tormenting" - I should probably print out that verse and pin it to my bulletin board! :)


Kathrin said...

wunderschön, wie immer, liebe Grüße aus Bremen von Kathrin

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

ha, me too actually,
to remind myself in weak moments :)
but generally i think there's been a bit of learning,
that the thirst doesn't have to be desperate
but can come in healthy doses... x

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Danke schön und liebe Grüße dir auch! x