some simple details
to start the weekend.
coffee & pistachio buns this afternoon
to celebrate our son passing his violin exam.
music streaming,
bouquet from the local flowershop. 

it's been a quiet week,
so quiet it started to make me a little jittery. 
but yesterday I landed a lovely suprise shoot
in the neighbourhood
& right after that,
my work diary sort of filled up all by itself
for the rest of the year it seems. 
should have just relished this quiet
I winked to myself... 
as much as I appreciate time for just me,
I do thrive with enough to do
& the right amount of spare time 
for the creative spirit to take flight,
although who wouldn't I guess...

been flicking through the pages 
a true match made in heaven.
his images
& the quality of the pages between the fingers,
enough to transport into a world of soulful beauty,
where texture & warmth abound. 

with this quick post,
I wish you a very happy weekend.


Helen Elix said...

Congratulations to your son. May your life be filled with beautiful music and beautiful memories.

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Thank you so much dear Helen on his behalf
– it's a joy that he's wanted to pursue this hobby this far :)
With two violinists in the house,
there's no shortage of music in our days...
Wishing you a beautiful springtime! x