Dear blog,
you secret sanctuary,
 hideaway of mine,
it's been a while.
One of these anyway,
simply from a desire
to catch the mood,
a fleeting moment,
the light. 
It's a white light now.
One that sparkles,
catches on the silver ball in the corner of the room
that then casts its spell on the ceiling.
The rays so warm through the window
that it's easy to imagine oneself in the heat of a summer's day in Tuscany,
forget the cold spell beyond the window pane.

Almost a week off,
and I'm taking notice again,
breathing more softly,
feeling a sense of h a p p i n e s s inside.
The kind that calls to look,
admire create. 
I've missed that notion,
so linger on won't you... 

"I'll wake up as a twelve-year-old,"
my daughter announced just before crawling to bed last night.
She told me she's been having a bit of an age-related crisis,
so I think we were both a little relieved
when she woke up this morning
as per her normal, wonderful self
– smiling, humming, dancing. 
She's at ballet now
and when she gets back
we'll head to an Italian restaurant nearby,
her choice.
She adds a whole different glow to my life.

"Je voudrais du soleil vert,
des dentelles et des théières,
des photos de bord de mer
dans mon jardin d'hiver.

Je voudrais de la lumière 
comme en Nouvelle-Angleterre.
Je veux changer d'atmosphère 
dans mon jardin d'hiver."

~ Keren Ann


Seawashed said...

I am Hidden in the quiet, beholding beauty....along with you. Keren Ann CD’s are timeless melodies at Sea Cottage.

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

I’m loving the notion of that, dear Kerrie,
beautifullly said...
She has been singing rather non-stop
in these rooms, too, lately :)
Wishing you a light-filled new week. x