We spent the days around New Year
with my husband's side of the family
in Hastings,
on the south coast of England. 
A place where as soon as you wake up,
you feel the sea. 

The old part of town has a charm of its own,
with plenty of antique & vintagey shops,
like new discovery Warp & Weft,
with its vintage & tailor-made pieces.

Words from their website
that illustrate the season at hand:
"During the coldest months, 
the natural colour palette is stripped back to monochrome. 
Therefore, texture becomes everything. 
Trees that stand black against the looming skies 
glisten silver in the low Sun. 
Bracken shines bronze alongside ochre and umber hedgerows.
I think of silhouetted crows,
scavenging in snow-covered fields;
ink drawings on Manila paper,
and powdered faces emerging from ebony frames
of seventeenth-century Dutch portraits.
The black mink hat,
and ivory silk,
reveal themselves when seen by candlelight."

Then there's the incredible A.G Hendy & Co.
The fireplaces were lit 
and the floorboards creaked,
as we wandered around the rooms
that whisk to a bygone era. 

But it's always the sea
where you begin and end,
leaving its mark on everything. 


mariaida benussi said...

tutto così meravigliosamente vintage... e poi il mare;) grazie rebecca, baci *__* mariaida

honeypieLivingetc said...

hi darling,

baby sister emma sent me a link to this beautiful post of yours,
as we are starting to look at hastings {and / or st Leonards} for
a possible move, to be able to get on the property ladder..
we are really in LOVE with where we live {in hove, next to brighton},
so the thought is more bitter than sweet at the moment, i'm afraid.
your post, - your images and words lent some beauty and hope
to these musings of ours. thank you for that..!

hoping the new year has taken off to an inspiring and promising start
for you..!

with love,

hannah x

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Grazie mille e buon anno! x

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

hi sweetie,

so lovely to hear from you.
I was thinking about you,
especially during our afternoon trip to Brighton.
(The plan was to visit i gigi store,
but it happened to be closed
exactly on that day.
Had a lovely coffee opposite though,
as they were revamping the shop :))
Anyway, I can totally see why you love living there...
Hastings is, well, smaller,
a little "scruffier around the edges" perhaps,
but does have a charm...
The (same) sea is just mesmerizing.
And there are clearly some incredible creatives there,
like the people behind the places mentioned here.
I could definitely imagine some lovely collaboration there
with your magic lens :)
Also Rye is nearby, which is rather charming
and has some wonderful antique shops.
And also of course master of beauty Alexander McQueen had his house
between Hastings and Rye,
weaving the landscape into some of his creations...

Hope it all falls into place just as if "meant to be" darling,
the right place at the right time... I know it will.

Wishing you the same,
every good thing this year,
plenty of light and clarity
and doors opening...