"I'm looking at a life unfold
Dreaming of the green and gold
Just like the ancient stone
Every sunrise I know
Those eyes you gave to me
That let me see
Where I come from..."

(named the post 
& realised there was a song for that...)

  A few green & old glimpses from where half of me
& my other half come from...
Lush plants in Hastings at the top,
Air & Space Hall in Manchester,
where we visited my brother & his family, 
followed by a visit to my aunty and grandma 
in the Midlands. 

An ancient tombstone in the tiny village of Eynsford,
where the two of us escaped for breakfast 
the morning after a village wedding,
where husband's 79-year-old aunt
was totally outshining us younger ones 
on the dance floor :) 

  Late afternoon coffee in Brighton,
as the sun was going down.
Aunties, grannies, cousins, friends,
lovely little places...
Plenty of gold nuggets crammed into a week.


Bien chiné said...

How beautiful places!! A want a new year with lots of green and old.
Many kisses my dear Rebecca and all the best for 2018

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

We've had a pretty green winter here, too,
not complaining :)
Let's sprinkle some gold on this year lovely,
may it be a very happy one for you!