My soul month November arrived
with its diffused skies,
darkening nights
& invitation to retreat a little,
dream some more, 
quieten down.

The colder & shorter days
give a special quality to light.
That’s when the earth’s muted greys glimmer.
A whole lot of softness with edge,
I think that’s what I’m forever trying to capture.
Not too much of one without the other.

A warm buzz inside
from spending time with a dear friend yesterday,
a walk with my husband today along the coast,
the breeze adding an extra spring in the step.
Current state of mind:
subdued on the outside,
a riot of colour inside.

After dinner,
a glass of red & this interview with Ellen Von Unwerth
(my goodness how kind and down-to-earth she seems…).

Wishing you a lovely rest of the weekend.
Just that, rest.