These past few weeks
have been work, work, work
- both the writing & the photography kind,
a combination that seems to sit ever so well with me,
and right now I wouldn't have it any other way. 
But today I managed to wrap up 
all the editing for a bigger client,
and r e s t is sinking in
before the next batch of pictures is due. 
 I immediately had the urge to pop over here
& say hello...

So, hello my dear friend,
sorry it's been a while. 

You know that photography bit
- aka love & passion -
well I've gone through all sorts of motions,
as it's recently also turned into a "job",
where not every assignment at the moment
is something that allows me
to shoot like "me". 
And that's given me plenty of material
for soul-searching
& out-of-one's-depth kinda feelings.

But I came to the conclusion
that right now,
I am ever so grateful for each opportunity,
and every single thing I've put my hand to
has made me learn
and led on to something new.
That's something that motivates me,
together with a deep-rooted insistence
to make sure that in between the "not-so-me"
there is also room for "my love" -
whether that's about randomly picking up the camera
 to catch the light or an inconspicuous cup of coffee,
or shoots that make the heart skip a beat
& imagination soar at least as high as that chalky ceiling
of this wonder of a location a couple of weeks ago. 
(I really want to show you more later,
I shall!) 

So reassuring how after a bout of disillusionment,
suddenly all that love and excitement
comes rushing right back,
and pulsates steadily through the veins,
as if back to the state nature intended.
Amid all the "serious work"
it lures towards the seemingly senseless & idiosyncratic.
A deep desire
to keep clicking that shutter
until that weird & wonderful language flows
towards a voice of one's very own. 
More of the heart,
the unfinished, 
the imperfect,
the raw... 
Whatever it is 
that stirs the soul.

And with that little ramble
I bid you goodnight :) 


Anonymous said...

Dreams can come true.
You are an inspiration to me and I'm sure to many other's too. I feel like going into a different world or time through your pictures and it feels inspiring and calming. Both very needed in this world right now.
Thank you for keeping this blog : )

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Thank you from all my heart
for your touching words -
they left me rather speechless...
Dreams really can come true,
and at the same time
I'm ever so conscious of the fact
that it's a constant journey,
different stages and shades
in absolutely everything.
It really is a bizarre world we live in right now,
but so much beauty and wonder, too,
so I'll take your words as encouragement
to keep upholding that,
and wish you those things, too
- days filled with wonder and peace.
Take good care, x

Bien chiné said...

Hello Rebecca! How beautiful shooting! Love that place and love your dress.
Thanks for share!

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Thank you so much dear Nines,
made me happy!
I'll have to share some more from there soon :)