SETSUKO (& Astier de Villatte)

There's something captivating about
Japanese painter, writer & widow 
of French artist Balthus. 
Here she is pictured with Kate Moss
in a shoot by Tim Walker for Italian Vogue.
(She was also photographed wonderfully by Julia Hetta,
you'll find the images when you click through her portraits.)

Setsuko also collaborates with Astier de Villatte 
(and apparently her late husband Balthus
has been a strong source of inspiration for the label.
And right now I'm hesitating in calling it that, a label,
as in my mind it's so much more...)

This gorgeous little video
takes you behind the scenes,
also showing her putting in her magic.

The combination of artisanal skills, 
the ambient rue Saint Honoré shop
with its timeworn interior,
marriage of ancient cultures & techniques,
Paris rooftops & streetlife,
fragrance of lime trees,
mastery of traditional printmaking,
joy of creating,
treading a unique path,
adding beauty to this world,
respecting the neglected & forgotten,
creating something exquisite from imperfection
- it all just works wonders... 

And right now I'm hearing Paris calling my name.


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Joanna Ulfsdotter said...

Hieno pieni elokuva.

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Oi, eikös?
Johonkin yksittäiseen sitä näemmä hurahtaa
- oon katsonut videon useamman kerran itsekseni,
miehen kanssa, lasten kanssa :)
Jotenkin koko homma on niin kovin inspiroiva
ihan siis yleisellä tasolla.
Se miten noin sydämellä ajateltu juttu toimii.

Bien chiné said...

ohhh, Amazing video, Rebecca! So many people and experiencies behind a brand. Pure magic in this case (I also whant to go back) And, what a charming kitchen to have a coffee...don't you think so :))
Thanks for this beautiful moment of happiness, my friend.
Many kisses