Next time you go to Copenhagen -
go, go, go to Glyptoteket

Its wings & floors
are filled with antique sculpture,
works by Rodin,
currently also a special exhibit of Degas' dancers... 

And at the heart of it all,
tranquil winter gardens
with a café where we indulged in
 strawberry tart, coffee
& a moment's respite 
from the miles of walking
& bustle just outside 
the impressive entrance.

Degas' Little Fourteen-Year-Old Dancer
with her real tutu & ribbon in her hair
was captivating.

Méa Strauß said...

Thank you so much for this post!!! Especially the last picture - this mix of materials... so inspiring.
Happy greetings from Méa

LeeAnn at Mrs Black's said...

It has been many years since I visited Copenhagen but the enchantment stayed with me. Your images are exactly how I remember, beautiful and elegant. I must return, soon!

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Thank you dear Méa so much!
That little ballet dancer
with her time-worn tutu
& expressive countenance
is truly special...
I read somewhere that during Degas' time,
she was considered "vulgar" and "ugly" by many,
which feels rather unbelievable now.

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Thank you LeeAnn for your words
~ a joy to hear the photographs resonated
with your memories of the place...
I've visited Copenhagen quite a few times now,
but this last trip seemed to open up a another layer.
Hope you get to go back soon :) x

Seawashed said...

I wish I could go. I have never been to anything like it. The cafe where you had coffee is so dreamy. I have always admired the Degas dancers.

My Scandinavian Home said...

What an inspirational post. I live just over the bridge from Copenhagen (in Malmö) and already figuring out when I can go over and discover this lovely place (I think my little girls would love it too). Thank you so much for the tip!