Way back in my uni days,

I rented a room in an apartment shared by four students. 

I had the former servant's room

- white-washed & high-ceilinged,

and I thought it was incredibly romantic.

 I furnished it sparsely

with all things white and vintagey,

letters and diaries stashed in an old battered suitcase.

I'd close the door and enter a world of my own.

By night I'd sit on the wide window ledge,

marveling at the starry skies above

and listening to the trams 

taking a bend somewhere below. 

A time filled with dreams and insecurities,

coupled with an incessant 

hunger for beauty and meaning. 

(I remember waking up in the mornings

with a kind of mantra on my mind: 

"Today, I want to do everything 

with as much beauty as I can.")

In the first autumn semester,

I chose to read 

Virginia Woolf's Mrs Dalloway

as part of a course. 

Throughout my subsequent lit studies,

it was V. Woolf who shone above the rest

-  her delicious drift-of-thought language

that one wanted to read out loud, quiet and slow,

tasting each word on the lips.

Words that weren't preoccupied 

with unnecessary facts and characters,

but evoked emotion and a longing,

crawled under the skin,

entangled with one's dreams...

A long time since then,

with much that has changed...

yet so much that actually hasn't.

Like one's love for white,

apartments old and vintagey,

Virginia Woolf,

the sound of trams, 

stars and city skies...

and an incessant yearning for beauty.


Bien chiné said...

Time flies, Rebecca. I love your old purpose of each day, to do everything with as much beauty as we can. I see that you keep it nowdays.
She is so so beautiful :)
Lovely sunday!

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Time really has wings...
It's actually quite nice to revisit those days gone by
every now and then,
now seeing it all in a new light
and with a time-given grace.
I think back then that determination did give me purpose
amidst trying to find my feet in a bigger town
and starting out life by myself.
And I guess yes, that determination has stuck since,
albeit in more of an unconscious way :)
I guess one can't always be happy,
but there can always be a sense of beauty,
even mixed with pain.
Wishing you a very sweet Sunday, too,
lovely Nines, xx

Anonymous said...

I am just going to sleep and not many thoughts left in this little head. I just wanted to say thanks for such an inspiring, beautiful blog with a touch of magic!

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Thank you sweet you
- this message really warmed my heart!
Wishing you all the best,
wherever you are, xxxx

cityscapesandthings said...

You have a magical touch, everything whispers rather than shout,
it inspires and open doors to pure beauty and authenticity
and it does so with every post.

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Your words are so lovely
I had to read them over&over.
Thank you for your generous spirit
spilling over here, xxx